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Deadeye Dallas:

Quest for the Golden Buddha

A U.S. Park Ranger travels to Morocco and embarks on a dangerous treasure hunt for a priceless statue that (if found) will strengthen diplomatic ties between the two countries, but he must battle an evil landowner that wants the same prize.


Watch the action unfold as Deadeye Dallas battles treachery, traps, fistfights, gun-toting thugs and a dynamite-wielding villain on this amazing one-of-a-kind adventure.

Deep beneath the Western Sahara is the underground mines of Bou Craa.

They contain the phosphate that helps feed the world. But they also hide an ancient secret.

A solid gold Buddha.

Stolen centuries ago, it was hidden deep inside a cave by bandits for safe keeping. But when the cave collapsed it was buried under unmovable rock – until now.

A new mining operation exposed previously unknown caves filled with all kinds of artifacts.

That’s when Deadeye Dallas is chosen by the US Government to help the Moroccan authorities find this statue. Deadeye is the world’s leading spelunker (cave explorer) and has a unique understanding of industrial mining operations like the one in Bou Craa.

If Deadeye can find the statue before time runs out, the abandoned mines will become a protected archaeological site. Morocco will sell this unique historical treasure and use the billions it brings in to educate the poor. These people will be trained by the US in high tech jobs that will elevate the entire nation.

But the new landowner has other ideas.

He’s going to turn the caves into a nuclear dump that will poison the world’s food supply. And he’ll do anything to stop Deadeye including blowing him up with dynamite.

This spine-tingling adventure oozes breathless excitement from start to finish as Deadeye journeys on his adrenaline pumping thrill ride through the underground mines of the Sahara Desert on his “Quest for the Golden Buddha.”